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We want you to have a pleasant stay/experience, so we have established a set of rules and principles that we respectfully ask you to comply with during your stay at NOVOTEL Hotel.

The present Regulation has the purpose to establish the conditions of stay of tourists in the hotel. The regulation applies to all tourists, who accept it by the very fact of their accommodation in the hotel and must comply with it without limits and reservations. The regulation is displayed on the easel, next to the reception desk, at the entrance to the breakfast space, on the plasma tv in the elevator, on the small tablet on the reception table, and can be accessed at any time through the QR code on the keychain of the room access key.

Guests are aware of the following rules and undertake to comply with them:

1. Do not damage the objects of the hotel, otherwise, you will pay the hotel an amount equal to the purchase value of the damaged object and the related workmanship – see the prices inventory objects file in the room.
2. Do not check out with hotel goods.
3. Keep quiet between 22.00-.08.00 so that you do not disturb other guests.
4. Use the towels in the rooms for body use only. It is forbidden to use towels for hair dyeing, makeup removal, and shoe cleaning. Towels shall not be used outside the rooms, otherwise, they will be paid for (10 euro/piece).
5. Do not leave children unattended in any of the hotel rooms.
6. Do not throw objects in the toilet that could lead to damage to the waste treatment plant.
7. Notify immediately the hotel staff of any device malfunction, installations, or other technical/furniture nonconformities in the hotel equipment.
8. It is forbidden to prepare food and eat in the room. It is forbidden to check in with electrical consumers, such as microwaves, radiators, hot plates, kettles, etc.
9. It is forbidden to bring food or drinks from outside the hotel without the prior consent of the management.
10. We reserve the right to refuse accommodation, restaurant service, and access to swimming pools to drunk, rude, or turbulent customers who have consumed drugs, toxic substances, or hallucinogens, which by their attitude harm the hotel’s image or disturb other customers.
11. We reserve the right to evict from the hotel or restaurant any drunk customers, who have consumed drugs, toxic or hallucinogenic substances, and who are rude or turbulent. In view of the above, we reserve the right to select our customers.

Traditional smoking and electronic cigarettes are forbidden inside the hotel, according to the applicable legislation in force (Law 349/2002 amended and supplemented by Law 15/2016). The hotel has outdoor spaces for smokers. Novotel Hotel has only non-smoking rooms. If the provisions of this Regulation are not complied with, a fee of 500 Ron/day will be applied, representing the room cleaning services as well as the impossibility of immediate sale of the room that will be debited from the guest’s card.
The hotel has systems, installations, devices, signaling, alarms, warning, and alerts designed for the detection and signaling of smoke in any room of the hotel. We reserve the right to forcibly evict customers from the hotel or restaurant if they do not comply with the NON-SMOKING requirement.

NOVOTEL Hotel is equipped with approved electronic systems for monitoring access to the room and opening safes. We recommend the use of the safes available in the rooms for storing valuables. We assume no liability for forgotten, lost, or allegedly stolen items inside Novotel Hotel.

We reserve the right to charge the card of our guests, regardless of their desire, at least in the following cases:
• The guests have left the hotel premises, without paying for the services of Novotel Hotel they benefited from;
• The guests have caused degradation or destruction;
• The guests have left with objects that do not belong to them and they did not pay the equivalent value at the reception;
• The guests have violated the non-smoking regulation within the hotel;
• The guests did not cancel the reservation within the set deadline.
For any destruction or damage to the property or non-compliance with the cleanliness and tranquility rules, measures will be taken accordingly, and the amounts related to the repair of the caused damage will be paid.
The counter value of any destruction or degradation of the material goods belonging to Novotel Hotel will be borne by the responsible party.

The guest must comply with hotel customs. The guest will have to respect both the tranquility in the hotel, restaurant, and swimming pool, as well as the norms of social and moral coexistence. The NOVOTEL guest must also take care of the property entrusted to them during the stay.
Any violation of hotel customs or of moral and social coexistence rules entitles the hotel to immediately terminate the contract/accommodation without any notice.
Any guest when accessing the service offered by the hotel has the opportunity to be informed and consequently acknowledges the above-mentioned terms and conditions by tacitly accepting them.
Thank you for your understanding and we wish you a pleasant stay at Novotel Hotel!